Landman Trends offers data entry and GIS mapping services at an affordable cost. Just send us your raw files, and we'll gladly take care of the rest. Our team is experienced using multiple land-management systems, so your team can focus on what's important: getting results.


For projects of any size or scope, Landman Trends is the solution.




The land industry makes great use of GIS mapping.  For those of us who have been in the industry for more than a decade, we have seen the power and features of available software increase and prices moderate.  In other words, powerful GIS applications are within the reach of even the smallest operations.


As you of you reading this know, however, it is one thing to have the software, and another thing entirely to have trained personnel, with a knowledge of the land industry, on hand.  For most operations, it is simply not feasible to have even one dedicated individual on your staff.


In addition to basic GIS maps, today’s technology allows for connections to external data sources, which automatically and dynamically update maps based on the underlying data.  Our GIS experts, in conjunction with our data experts, will show you how to configure your systems to make the most of this technology, allowing for quicker updates to maps, maximum exploitation of the technology available for creating specific layers to graphically display almost anything, and cost savings due to minimizing manual updating.


We have a staff of GIS experts who have years of experience in the land industry.  Our clients basically consist of either brokerages or small- to medium- operators.



We can provide you with expert GIS personnel on an as-needed basis.  Employing today’s modern technology, it will be just like having a dedicated individual down the hall from you, but you will not have to purchase any licenses or provide office space.



Many operators deal with multiple brokerages, and as such, potentially deal with multiple mapping departments within those brokerages.  By having Landman Trends GIS personnel provide your mapping services, you only have to deal with one provider, streamlining operations and ensuring consistency across brokerages.  Of course, we can serve all of your in-house needs as well.


GIS services are billed on an hourly rate, with cost-saving packages available based on weekly minimums for longer-term projects.







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For any data management system to be effective, it must contain data.  Data is populated either by hand or ‘behind the scenes’ through sophisticated uploads.  We have years of experience with both, and can advise you on the best approach for your situation.  Should manual data entry be the choice, we have experienced data entry personnel on hand to get to address your needs quickly.  As with our other services, taking advantage of our offerings eliminates the need to keep trained individuals on staff.


We provide a distinction between data entry and data analysis.  Data entry simply amounts to capturing objective data from a document, such as effective date, lessor, lessee, term, etc.  Data analysis involves recognizing the significance of language in a document, such as Pugh clauses, continuous drilling provisions, right to assign, etc. for the purpose of capturing as provisions.


Initial consultation for data entry services is done on a turnkey basis as part of our data management consulting, and data entry itself is provided on an hourly basis, with rates based on the level of personnel needed.